Learn how to code for free.

Get involved with real people who learn real things. Our students and volunteers are eager to meet you. Whether it's learning JavaScript, or playing some games with the crew, we've got something for you! Hey that rhymed!

Activity zones

Have a suggestion for an activity zone? Let our team know on Discord.


Crowdlearn with other students and learn skills along the way.

Included in enrollment.


In Q2/Q3 2018 we may be giving away some Cheese.lab pins/stickers. So watch out for this!

Included in enrollment.


Play games with other lab rats and hang out with awesome like-minded people!

Not included. Please do .optin gaming to join zone.


Discussion of 3D printing, Arudino & Raspberry Pi projects or anything inbetween!

Not included. Please do .optin diy to join zone.

Our Core Values

We at Cheese.lab Industries believe in second chances and heavily believe strongly that people can improve as human beings, learn from their mistakes and blossom in this world. Which is why we won't tolerate discrimination against race, sexual orientation, disability or background. If you're having a problem with anyone, we will try to mediate the situation and work with you to solve any issues you may have. We have a strict zero tolerance stance on bullying and discrimination.

code of conduct

If you would like to throw us a few bob you can optionally support us over at our OpenCollective. Supporting us helps us continue our development and keep the lights on!

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We're currently working hard on ContinuityBot. An open-source bot for our lab rats and students coded in various open-source libraries. It's currently available for developers to work on! Check out the in-dev branch on GitHub.

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support.hub New

Find help and recently asked questions in our Support Hub.

ideas.factory New

Submit ideas and feedback in the ideas.factory. This is the factory dreams were made of.

docs New

Read our extensive Documentation or help contribute to it on GitHub!

discuss New

Discussion of anything regarding programming, gaming, or off-topic stuffs, if you're into that.

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Help shape our collective and make some dope ass things. Please message one of our team members on Discord or click that big shiny button. Do it, I dare ya...