cheese.lab legal

At Cheese.lab we take legal matters very seriously. In order to ensure the safety of our members, we've put together a set of rules you have to follow when you are enrolled to our establishment.

code of conduct

While using Discord to access Cheese.lab Industries and its activities, you are also expected to read Discord's own Terms of Service and their Community Guidelines as well as following our global Code of Conduct. We have these guidelines in place so that Cheese.lab Industries is a safe and welcoming community for all members.

Foster a pleasant environment

Treat others as you wish to be treated. If it's not appropriate for your ol' grandma to hear, don't say it here.

Be considerate

In the lab, we all come from diverse backgrounds, and many people have different sensitivites. Stop when someone else gets uncomfortable.

Conflict & resolution

Cheese.lab is a drama free zone. Disagreements and such will be dealt with in private. If it is to be brought into the public eye, we will purge it.

Racism, sexism, stalking, harassment or any other form of abusive behaviour will NOT be tolerated

NSFW media content is NOT allowed. This includes posts/pictures that reference any NSFW content.

Spamming & Trolling

Any members who engage in spamming the text-channels will be kicked. If there is a second occurrence you will be permanently banned from our community globally. The same is in accordance for trolling content. Please use the relative text-channels to use memes.

Drama & Ban discussions

It is forbidden to cause drama while at Cheese.lab Industries. This is to prevent trolls and witch-hunting and to keep our community safe and a troll-free zone. If you are caught causing drama or are involved in a witch-hunt you will be permanently expelled from all Cheese.lab Industries-related activities.


Use common sense. Do not DM others with unsolicited links. Furthermore, make sure the content you are advertising in Cheese.lab is safe-for-work. Any other content will be purged and you will receive a warning.

Copyright infringement

We take copyright and intellectual property very seriously. So recently we've had to stricten our license rules. See more below on details regarding our license and appropriate use cases.

Read the Code of Conduct above and when you agree send:

May I have access to the lab? I've agreed to the cheesy terms.

in #enroll on Discord.

To appeal a ban you need to send an email to [email protected]. Once we receive your request, we'll decide whether we'll unban you or not at our discretion. We want to work with you to improve you as a person.

Failure in following the etiquette, you will earn a warning. If you continue to abuse the Code of Conduct you will be excluded from Cheese.lab Industries.


Click below to read our Cheese.lab Industries modified Unlicense.

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